“Disasters come in time you forget”

We strongly recommend to bring Aqumo Candle with you, in your bag packs and handbag.
Add a small amount of water or juice(even saliva) Aqumo Candle will immediately light up!

Epoch making light

Water activated LED light 'Aqumo Candle' Aqumo Candle is an LED light based on Magnesiumu Air Battery technology.
It is a small and light devices activated by water.

Long-term storage

Once activated, Aqumo Candle continues to illuminate for one week, with intermitternt dipping.Minimum storage life of 5 years(keep in cool and dry place) TECHNICAL INFO
Various LED types are available

5candles set

5pcs pack with magnetic pack is available.
(Ask for Details)

For corporate, municipal body

We design and paste original labels according to your request(option)50 pcs pack with protective box is available.
Please ask for details.