'Our light'while people of developed countries can enjoy night life with abundant electricity, billions of people in other areas who have poor or no access to electricity, must pass dreary nights with gloomy but dangerous candles or kerosene lamps.
We would like to deliver economical and safe LED lights to such people for family reunion or reading books.


An idea for Mg-battery flashed out when Mr.Susumu Suzuki, president of STC was developping heating materials.
After more than 15 years of trial and error, water activated Mg-battery 'Aqumo Candle' was invented and patented.
So far, more than a million of Aqumo Candles are shipped in and outside Japan. In parallel, new development such as smart phone chargers are in progress.


In 2012, our PJ with India was adopted as a 'BOP Business Partnership Support Project' of JETRO. Since then, we also started to export to Asian and African nations.
We encourage our partners to establish assemble factories in their countries to create employment opportunities and provide Aqumo Candle with atturdable price.


Lightweight Magnesium is widely utilized for mobile housings and automotive parts. But Mg as effective energy carrier should not be overlooked. With its active electrode potential of -2.38V, Mg is ideal for negative electrode for electrochemical batteries.
Unlike lithium(Li), Mg is abundant on earth. We pursue to develop Mg based global energy network.