Apr, 2001 Started R&D of electric dynamo system utilizing water
Sep, 2007 Trademark resistered aquatic dynamo system ‘AQUMO’
Jun, 2011 Founded ‘AQUMO Holdings, Inc’
Dec, 2012 Adopted 'Project of Japan Inclusive Business Support 'for India' sponsered by JETRO(Japanese External Trade Organization)
Dec,2012 Trademark resistered’AQUMO CANDLE’
Feb, 2013 Granted patent for MG-air battery「5,192,613」
Jun, 2013 Released light ‘AQUMO CANDLE’for emergency supplies
Sep, 2013 Granted patent in Myanmar IV/7986/2013
Feb, 2014 Granted recommended products, "Recommended Disaster Prevention Product No.22" from Fire Equipment and Safety Center of Japan
Apr, 2014 Granted patent in USA「8,709,667」
Aug, 2015 Granted patent in China「1,664,382」